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Enki::SbotFeeding Class Reference
[Interaction classes]

#include <SbotObject.h>

Inheritance diagram for Enki::SbotFeeding:

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Detailed Description

Feeding interaction gives or remove energy to nearby Sbots.

Public Member Functions

 SbotFeeding (double r, Robot *owner)
 Constructor, r is the radius of the interaction.
virtual void objectStep (double dt, PhysicalObject *po, World *w)
 Interact with object.
virtual void finalize (double dt)
 Finalize at each step.

Public Attributes

double actualEnergy
 The energy in stock.
double actualTime
 The actual time.
double activeDuration
 The duration of active period.
double inactiveDuration
 The duration of inactive period.
An::Color activeColor
 The color of the object when active: (actualTime % (activeDuration+inactiveDuration) < activeDuration).
An::Color inactiveColor
 The color of the object when inactive: (actualTime % (activeDuration+inactiveDuration) >= activeDuration).
bool consumeEnergy
 If true, energy given to the Sbots is removed from actualEnergy.
double dEnergyActive
 The energy difference per second when active.
double dEnergyInactive
 The energy difference per second when inactive.

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