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GAG::GraphicContext Class Reference
[Libgag graphic library]

#include <GraphicContext.h>

Inheritance diagram for GAG::GraphicContext:

GAG::DrawableSurface GAG::SDLGraphicContext List of all members.

Detailed Description

A DrawableSurface which is the window of the application.

Public Member Functions

 GraphicContext ()
 Constructor, do not open the window.
virtual ~GraphicContext (void)
 Destructor, close the window if opened (if setRes() has been called).
virtual bool setRes (int w, int h, int depth=32, Uint32 flags=DEFAULT)=0
 Create the window. This must be called before any Drawable Surface method.
virtual void setMinRes (int w=0, int h=0)
 Defined the minimum acceptable resolution for the window.
virtual void beginVideoModeListing (void)
 Initialise the listing of video modes.
virtual bool getNextVideoMode (int *w, int *h)
 Put the next available video mode in w and h, return true if there is still more available video modes.
virtual void setCaption (const char *title, const char *icon)=0
 Set the title and status bar caption of the window.
virtual SpriteloadSprite (const char *filename)
 Load sprite from filename.
virtual FontloadFont (const char *filename, unsigned size)=0
 Load font of size from filename.
virtual DrawableSurfacecreateDrawableSurface (const char *name=NULL)=0
 Create a new off-screen drawable surface. Load image name on it.
virtual void nextFrame (void)=0
 Blit to screen.
virtual void printScreen (const char *filename)=0
 Print screen to filename.

Static Public Member Functions

static GraphicContextcreateGraphicContext ()
 Create a graphic context.

Protected Attributes

int minW
 minimum width of the window/screen
int minH
 minimum height of the window/screen

Private Attributes

SDL_Rect ** modes
 available graphic modes (such as 640x480, 800x600, ...)

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