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Teem::EnkiSbot Class Reference
[World interfaces]

#include <Enki.h>

Inheritance diagram for Teem::EnkiSbot:

Teem::EnkiPositionable< Enki::FeedableSbot > Teem::Sbot Teem::Positionable Teem::Entity Teem::Positionable Teem::DifferentialWheeled List of all members.

Detailed Description

This is the implementation of an Sbot in the Enki simulator.

Public Member Functions

virtual ~EnkiSbot ()
 Destructor, remove object from world and destroy Enki instance.
virtual void setSpeed (double left, double right)
 Set the speed of the left and right wheels of the robot.
virtual void getCameraAverage (An::Color meanPixels[8])
 Sbot camera orientation is geometric (i.e. CCW).
virtual void getCamera (An::Color meanPixels[128])
 Sbot camera orientation is geometric (i.e. CCW).
virtual void setRingColor (const An::Color &color)
 Set the color of the Sbot ring in RGB using range [0..1].
virtual void clearEnergy (void)
 Clear the energy of this Sbot, equal to setEnergy(0).
virtual void setEnergy (double energy)
 Set the energy of this Sbot to energy.
virtual double getEnergy (void)
 Return the actual energy of this Sbot.
virtual double getDEnergy (void)
 Return the actual energy derivate (one step increment) of this Sbot.
virtual void setFrequencies (unsigned frequencies)
 Transmit sound using frequencies mask.
virtual unsigned getFrequencies (void)
 Return a mask of active frequencies in the world.
virtual void randomizeRealisticConditions (void)
 Get new noisy coefficient for wheel motors in realistic mode.

Protected Attributes

double motorCoeffL
 left wheel motor noisy coefficient in realistic mode
double motorCoeffR
 right wheel motor noisy coefficient in realistic mode

Private Member Functions

 EnkiSbot (EnkiWorld *world, const std::string &root)
 Private constructor, created from world.

Private Attributes

 Pointer to world to be able to remove object in destructor.
Ishtar::VariablesPublisher ishtarPublisher
 Ishtar publisher for accessible variables of the Enki object.

Static Private Attributes

static Ishtar::Variable< bool > * realistic
 If true, postprocessing is applied to inputs/outputs so that simulation matches reality more closely.


class EnkiWorld
class Registrar< Entity, std::string, EnkiWorld *, std::string >

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