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Teem::EnkiSbotActiveObject Class Reference
[World interfaces]

#include <Enki.h>

Inheritance diagram for Teem::EnkiSbotActiveObject:

Teem::EnkiPositionable< Enki::SbotActiveObject > Teem::SbotActiveObject Teem::Positionable Teem::Entity Teem::Positionable List of all members.

Detailed Description

This is the implementation of an Sbot active object in the Enki simulator.

Public Member Functions

virtual ~EnkiSbotActiveObject ()
 Destructor, remove object from world and destroy Enki instance.
virtual void setEnergyProperties (double activeDuration, double inactiveDuration, bool consumeEnergy)
 Set the duration of the two states of this object: active and inactive. Set energy consumption on and off as well.
virtual void setEnergyTime (double time)
 Set the actual time in energy cycle.
virtual void setEnergyFlow (double activeFlow, double inactiveFlow)
 Set the energy derivate to nearby Sbots while in active/inactive states.
virtual void setEnergy (double energy)
 Set the energy of this object.
virtual double getEnergy (void)
 Return the energy of this object.
virtual void setColor (const An::Color &activeColor, const An::Color &inactiveColor)
 Set the color of this object for both active and inactive states. Values are RGB in range [0..1].
virtual double getInteractionRange (void)
 Return the range up to which this object interacts with Sbots.

Private Member Functions

 EnkiSbotActiveObject (EnkiWorld *world, const std::string &root)
 Private constructor, created from world.

Private Attributes

 Pointer to world to be able to remove object in destructor.
Ishtar::VariablesPublisher ishtarPublisher
 Ishtar publisher for accessible variables of the Enki object.


class EnkiWorld
class Registrar< Entity, std::string, EnkiWorld *, std::string >

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