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Teem::GraphNeuralNetwork Class Reference
[Controllers and neural networks]

#include <GraphNeuralNetwork.h>

Inheritance diagram for Teem::GraphNeuralNetwork:

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Detailed Description

A generic neural network with arbitrary topology and neurons/synapses types.

Public Member Functions

 GraphNeuralNetwork (const Graph &graph, const std::string &root="teem.nn")
 Constructor, create this neural network using graph as a description.
virtual ~GraphNeuralNetwork ()
 Destructor, delete neurons and synapses.
virtual void setInput (unsigned index, double val)
 Set the input index to value val.
virtual double getOutput (unsigned index)
 Return the value of output index.
virtual void step ()
 Do a step, process inputs and compute outputs.
NeurongetNeuron (size_t index)
 Get a neuron by index.
NeurongetNeuron (const std::string &tag, size_t index)
 Get a neuron from a tagged list by index.
std::valarray< Neuron * > & getTaggedNeurons (const std::string &tag)
 Get an array of tagged neurons.
size_t neuronNum () const
 Total number of neuron.
size_t neuronNum (const std::string &tag) const
 Number of neuron in a tagged list.
SynapsegetSynapse (size_t index)
 Get a synapse by index.
SynapsegetSynapse (const std::string &tag, size_t index)
 Get a synapse from a tagged list by index.
std::valarray< Synapse * > & getTaggedSynapses (const std::string &tag)
 Get an array of tagged synapses.
size_t synapseNum () const
 Total number of synapse.
size_t synapseNum (const std::string &tag) const
 Number of synapse in a tagged list.

Protected Attributes

std::valarray< Neuron * > neurons
 All neurons.
std::valarray< Synapse * > synapses
 All synapses.
std::map< std::string, std::valarray<
Neuron * > > 
 Neuron tagged lists.
std::map< std::string, std::valarray<
Synapse * > > 
 Synapse tagged lists.
std::valarray< InputNeuron * > inputNeurons
 Cached input neurons (for performances).
std::valarray< Neuron * > * outputNeurons
 Cached output neurons (for performances). This is just a pointer to neuronLists["output"].

Member Data Documentation

std::valarray<InputNeuron*> Teem::GraphNeuralNetwork::inputNeurons [protected]

Cached input neurons (for performances).

This is a copy of neuronLists["input"] with object already dynamic_casted.

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