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Teem::SRMNeuron Class Reference
[Neurons and synapses]

#include <SRMNeuron.h>

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Detailed Description

This class implement a SRM neuron.

It will use the (continuous) response from the incoming synapses to update its membrane potential. The noise is implemented on the threshold, as a gaussian noise of dev. equal to treshold * thresNoise.

The parameters handled by this class are:

Public Member Functions

virtual void setParams (const std::string &param, double value)
 Set parameters. Should be overriden by subclasses to handle more parameters.
virtual void update (double dt)
 Update status of the neuron according to incoming synapse..
virtual void commit ()
 Commit state to lastSpike and lastCurrent.
void overrideSpike (bool spike)
 Function to allow external manipulators (typically experiment) to override spike emission.

Public Attributes

double membrane
 membrane potential computed during the las update
double threshold
 threshold of the neuron

Protected Attributes

An::ExpDecay refractory
 state of the refractory part of the model
bool isSpiking
 true if last update emitted a spike
double thresNoise
 noise factor on the threshold (see class description)
double refracQuantum
 refractory period amplitude

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