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Teem::SbotActiveObject Class Reference
[World interfaces]

#include <Entity.h>

Inheritance diagram for Teem::SbotActiveObject:

Teem::Entity Teem::Positionable Teem::EnkiSbotActiveObject List of all members.

Detailed Description

This is the interface to an Sbot active object.

Public Member Functions

virtual void setEnergyProperties (double activeDuration, double inactiveDuration, bool consumeEnergy)=0
 Set the duration of the two states of this object: active and inactive. Set energy consumption on and off as well.
virtual void setEnergyTime (double time)=0
 Set the actual time in energy cycle.
virtual void setEnergyFlow (double activeFlow, double inactiveFlow)=0
 Set the energy derivate to nearby Sbots while in active/inactive states.
virtual void setEnergy (double energy)=0
 Set the energy of this object.
virtual double getEnergy (void)=0
 Return the energy of this object.
virtual void setColor (const An::Color &activeColor, const An::Color &inactiveColor)=0
 Set the color of this object for both active and inactive states. Values are RGB in range [0..1].
virtual double getInteractionRange (void)=0
 Return the range up to which this object interacts with Sbots.

Protected Member Functions

 SbotActiveObject ()
 Protected constructor, created by SbotCreator-capable worlds.


class SbotCreator

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