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VideoRecorder Class Reference

#include <videorec.h>

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Detailed Description

Helper class to record a video using libavcodec.

Public Member Functions

 VideoRecorder ()
 ~VideoRecorder ()
void openFile (const char *filename, int width, int height, int rate=1000000)
 Open a file for recording.
void encodeFrame (unsigned char *data)
 Encode frame.
void closeFile ()
 Stop recording to file.

Member Function Documentation

void VideoRecorder::encodeFrame unsigned char *  data  ) 

Encode frame.

data pointer from where to get frame to encode. Length of data must be width*height*4 where width and height and dimension of video declared in openFile. Data are 32 bits RGBA

void VideoRecorder::openFile const char *  filename,
int  width,
int  height,
int  rate = 1000000

Open a file for recording.

Initialise the video recorder

filename Name of file to record to
width Width of video in pixel
height Height of video in pixel
rate Bitrate to use to encode video

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