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SnakeMe - The best snake game
What is it?
 S n a k e M e   M a c O S 8 

How to install SnakeMe on MacOS8:

  • First of all, be sure you have GameSprockets installed on your MacOS8. If you don't have it, download it from (Support => Downloads) and install it.
  • Then, download SnakeMe: snakeme.macos8.sea (1'732'130 bytes).
  • Uncompress this file, and move the SDL extentions into your "System" => "Extentions" folder.
  • Before running SnakeMe, never forget to switch your display to 256 colors! You can do that with the "Monitor and Sound" control pannel located in your "System" => "Control Pannel" folder.
  • So, here we are! You may now launch SnakeMe, have fun!

That's all! If it didn't work out, or you have any problem, just drop a mail to:

Many thanks to Luc-Oliver de Charrière, who ported SnakeMe to MacOS8!

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Cecile Grivaz, Stephane Magnenat, Lynda Metref, Gabriel Walt