Introduction :

The basic rules are very simple, there's a snake which has to eat apples in order to grow and win points. You can already find this game on many mobile phones and other shareware or freeware.

So, what is new and unique in SnakeMe?

First of all, it's a nice game with beautiful colors, and a very ergonomic interface.

It's possible to play alone or with up to three other human players. But there is no need of one computer for each player: it's possible to put two players on the same keyboard, and the two other players can play on joypads if there are some. A game can have a maximum of eight players, so for example, if you're two human players, it possible to add up to 6 computer players (AI).

There is also a weapon, but be careful: there are not much munitions and you have to collect them.

SnakeMe is a completely configurable game: you can choose your levels, your snakes and the appearance you wish to apply to the chosen levels. It's also possible to create your own levels thanks to a very easy to use level editor. If you wish to design new snakes or level themes, that's possible too with the small application Sprite Editor supplied with SnakeMe. Of course, you can also download more snakes, levels, and level themes from our site.

Minimal Required Setup :

Installation on Windows :

Launch SnakeMe on Windows :

If you have problems launching SnakeMe, go to the directory where you installed SnakeMe and double-click on "SnakeMe.exe".

Uninstallation on Windows :

The installation of SnakeMe is clean and ALL files are placed in the directory you specified. That's why you can also uninstall SnakeMe manually by simply deleting the SnakeMe directory, and no file will be left.

Installation on Macintosh :

Launch SnakeMe on Macintosh :

Go to the folder where you installed SnakeMe, and launch it.

Uninstallation on Macintosh :

Delete the SnakeMe folder and the SDL extension.

Linux :

Untar it by the command : tar xvzf snakeme.tar.gz

Then go into it, by : cd snakeme

Then launch snakeme by : ./snakeme

Main Menu :

There are 5 buttons :

Game Setup :

There are 3 different sections in this screen :

First, on top, you can choose the level (at left) and game theme (at right). Use the arrows to change your selection. You can play any level with any theme.

Then, in the middle, there are 8 player configuration boxes. Each box lets you :

Third, on the bottom, you can either return to main menu (Cancel button), start the game (Play button), configure control (Controls button), or go to the advanced options (Advanced Setup button) (see below).

Play :

On the top of the screen, you can see the different snakes that are playing, their names and their points. If a snake has collected bonus, a little blue bar appears under it's name. The longer the bar is the more bullets he has collected.

When a snake reaches the number of points to win, the game is finished, and a screen appears with the score of each snake. If you wish to finish the game before a winner has been declared, type the ESC key.

The way points are counted is defined in the advanced setup. You win points when you eat a meal bonus, when you throw a bullet in another snake, and when a snake crashes into your snake. You loose points when your snake gets cut by a bullet, and when your snake crashes into something.

Have fun!

Controls :

Here you can change the key for snake control. Click on a key, then enter the new key.

There are two ways to control your snake: with the absolute keys or with the relative keys. With the absolute keys, if you push for instance the key chosen for "Absolute left", your snake will go to the left. But with the relative keys, if you push the key chosen for "Relative left", your snake will turn 90 degrees anti-clockwise. In the "Game Setup" screen, there is a button where you can switch between absolute and relative mode.

The action button is used to fire the bullets you have collected in the game

Advanced Setup :

Here you can change advanced options for the game. With this, you can personalize the game-play, and have even more fun. Just move the bar to adjust your desired settings.

Here's a little explanation for each setting :

Level Editor :

Here you can edit a level. This editor is very easy to use, just as a paint program.

First of all, you have to know that on the top right, there is a little help text that appears if you put your mouse over a button.

On the top left there are six buttons :

On the top middle, there are four drawing tools: the first draws points, the second draws lines, the third draws rectangles, and the last fills the given zone.

And on the top right, you can choose what you want to draw (nothing, an indestructible wall, or a destructible wall).

Contact :

Visit also our web page at You'll find there the latest news about SnakeMe, and a lot of stuff, such as more snakes, levels, and level themes you can play with.

Credits :

Copyright 2000 - 2001 C. Grivaz, S. Magnenat, L. Metref and G. Walt.
Cécile Grivaz, Stéphane Magnenat, Lynda Metref, Gabriel Walt