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Enki::Alice Class Reference
[Robots classes]

#include <Alice.h>

Inheritance diagram for Enki::Alice:

Enki::Robot Enki::PhysicalObject List of all members.

Detailed Description

A simple model of the Alice robot.

Public Types

enum  Capabilities {

Public Member Functions

 Alice (unsigned capabilities=CAPABILITIY_BASIC_SENSORS)
 Create an Alice with certain modules aka capabilities (basic, advanced, camera, communication, sound).
void step (double dt)
 Call Alice::controlStep and do all the calculations.

Public Attributes

IRSensor left
 Left InfraRed Sensor.
IRSensor front
 Front InfraRed Sensor.
IRSensor right
 Right InfraRed Sensor.
IRSensor back
 Back InfraRed Sensor.
IRSensor frontHighExt
 Front High InfraRed Sensor of the ANTS project extension module, a little outside the Alice.
IRSensor backleft
 Back Left InfraRed Sensor.
IRSensor backright
 Back Right InfraRed Sensor.
CircularCam circcam
 The circular camera adapted for our humble needs.
AliceCommunication comm
 Communication module.
double leftSpeed
 The bot's left and right wheel speed.
double rightSpeed
 The bot's left and right wheel speed.

Protected Attributes

Enki::Alice::SensorModels sensorModels
 Container for sensor models for Alice.


struct  SensorModels
 Container for sensor models for Alice. More...

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum Enki::Alice::Capabilities

Enumeration values:
CAPABILITIY_NONE  The bot's capabilities. You can simply select a predefined set of sensors. These correspond to the different extension modules that exist for the Alice.
CAPABILITIY_BASIC_SENSORS  Basic_Sensors: Just the 4 IRSensors of the base module.
CAPABILITIY_CAMERA  Camera: Adds the camera.
CAPABILITIY_COMMUNICATION  Communication: The Alice can use the IR-Sensors to communicate.
CAPABILITIY_EXT_HIGH_SENSOR  External Module High Sensor: The Alice is equipped with the ANTS extension module and uses the high sensor.
CAPABILITIY_EXT_BACK_LR_SENSORS  External Module Back Left and Right Sensor: The Alice is equipped with the ANTS extension module and uses the back left and right sensors.

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