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Teem::EvolutionRun Class Reference

#include <Evolution.h>

Inheritance diagram for Teem::EvolutionRun:

Teem::GenerationalEvolutionRun Teem::SteadyStateEvolutionRun Teem::MultiDecoderEvolutionRun Teem::SingleDecoderEvolutionRun Teem::SimpleMultiGenomeEvolutionRun Teem::SimpleEvolutionRun List of all members.

Detailed Description

Interface for all GAs, both generational and steady-state.

Public Member Functions

virtual ~EvolutionRun ()
virtual void createGenotypeDecoders (Setupable *experiment)=0
 Create the necessary genotype decoders.
virtual void createRandomPopulation ()=0
 Create a population of random genomes, using the genotype decoder.
virtual bool loadPopulation (Experiment *experiment)=0
 Load a most recent population.
virtual bool loadPopulation (Experiment *experiment, const char *)=0
 Load a population from a specific generation or time.
virtual void run (Setupable *experiment)=0
 Do the evolution.
virtual void testBestIndividual (Setupable *experiment)=0
 Test the best Individual and test it (used to view and evaluate indivuals for analysis).
virtual void testIndividual (Setupable *experiment, const char *)=0
 Test a certain individual and evaluate it (used to view and evaluate individuals for analysis).

Protected Member Functions

void deleteGenotypeDecoders ()
 Delete genotype decoders.

Protected Attributes

GenotypeDecoders genotypeDecoders
 Genome decoders used by the evolution run.

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