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Teem::FiringRateOutputNeuron Class Reference
[Neurons and synapses]

#include <Neuron.h>

Inheritance diagram for Teem::FiringRateOutputNeuron:

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Detailed Description

Neuron that convert firing rate into a current.

Can be used as a convertor in a mixed NN or as an ouput in a spiking NN. The firing rate is computed as follow the sum of all spike received during the time window from all the presynaptic neurons, normalized by the number of time-step in the time window and the number of pre-synaptic neurons.

This class handle the following parameter:

Public Member Functions

 FiringRateOutputNeuron ()
virtual ~FiringRateOutputNeuron ()
virtual void setParams (const std::string &param, double value)
 Set parameters. Should be overriden by subclasses to handle more parameters.
virtual void update (double dt=1.0)
 Update status of the neuron according to incoming synapse..
virtual void commit ()
 Commit state to lastSpike and lastCurrent.

Protected Attributes

std::queue< unsigned > spikes
 Buffer to save spikes during the timewindow.
unsigned totalSpike
 total number of spikes:
$\sum_{i=0}^{spikes.size()-1} spikes[i]$
unsigned queueSize
 size of queue in second

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