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Teem::Registrar< T, IdT, Arg1T, Arg2T > Class Template Reference

#include <Registrar.h>

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Detailed Description

template<typename T, typename IdT, typename Arg1T = void, typename Arg2T = void>
class Teem::Registrar< T, IdT, Arg1T, Arg2T >

A Registrar for classes with two parameters constructors.


A, is a class; B, C are its subclasses

Registrar<A, std::string, int, int> reg;


A* a1 = reg.createItem("you", 0, 0);
A* a2 = reg.createItem("yeah", 0, 0);

Public Member Functions

template<typename Sub>
void registerItem (const IdT &id)
 Register a class by storing a pointer to its constructor.
T * createItem (const IdT &id, Arg1T arg1, Arg2T arg2)
 Create an instance of a registered class and pass arg1 and arg2 to its constructor.
void dump (std::ostream &stream)
 Print the list of registered classes to stream.

Protected Types

typedef T *(* CreatorFunc )(Arg1T, Arg2T)
 Pointer to constructor of class T.

Static Protected Member Functions

template<typename Sub>
static T * Creator (Arg1T arg1, Arg2T arg2)
 Create a new class of type Sub with arguments arg1 and arg2.

Protected Attributes

std::map< IdT, CreatorFuncmItems
 registered constructors

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