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Teem::SingleDecoderEvolutionRun Class Reference
[Genetic Algorithms]

#include <GenerationalEvolution.h>

Inheritance diagram for Teem::SingleDecoderEvolutionRun:

Teem::GenerationalEvolutionRun Teem::EvolutionRun Teem::SimpleEvolutionRun List of all members.

Detailed Description

Base class for evolution runs that need only one genotype decoder.

That is typically the case for runs where only one type of robot exist.

Public Member Functions

 SingleDecoderEvolutionRun ()
virtual ~SingleDecoderEvolutionRun ()
 Virtual destructor, doing nothing.

Protected Member Functions

virtual void createGenotypeDecoders (Setupable *experiment)
 Create the necessary genotype decoders. Fill genotypeDecoders.

Protected Attributes

Ishtar::Variable< std::string > genotypeDecoderName
 Name of the genotype decoder to be used.

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