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Teem::SliceIter< T > Class Template Reference

#include <Matrix.h>

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Detailed Description

template<typename T>
class Teem::SliceIter< T >

Stroustrup approved slice iterator class.

Public Member Functions

 SliceIter (std::valarray< T > *vv, const std::slice &ss)
 Construct an iterator on array vv using slide ss.
SliceIter end () const
 Return iterator to the end of slice.
SliceIteroperator++ ()
 Increment current position.
SliceIter operator++ (int)
 Increment current position.
T & operator[] (size_t i)
 access element i
T & operator() (size_t i)
 access element i
T & operator * ()
 access element at current position

Protected Member Functions

T & ref (size_t i) const
 access element i

Protected Attributes

std::valarray< T > * v
 array containing the datas
const std::slice s
 slice for iteration
size_t curr
 current position


bool operator== (const SliceIter &p, const SliceIter &q)
 Return true if p == q.
bool operator!= (const SliceIter &p, const SliceIter &q)
 Return true if p != q.
bool operator< (const SliceIter &p, const SliceIter &q)
 Return true if p < q.

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