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Teem::SteadyStateIndividual Class Reference
[Genetic Algorithms]

#include <SteadyStateEvolution.h>

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Detailed Description

A individual for steady-state evolution.

Public Member Functions

 SteadyStateIndividual (Genome *genome, double bornTime)
 SteadyStateIndividual (GenotypeDecoders &decoders, Continuable *experiment, Ishtar::InputStream *stream)
 Constructor loading an individual from a stream, and calling the experiment individualCreated method with read datas.
 ~SteadyStateIndividual ()
void load (GenotypeDecoders &decoders, Continuable *experiment, Ishtar::InputStream *stream)
 Load this individual's timestamps, genome and user datas.
void save (Ishtar::OutputStream *stream)
 Save this indivitual's timestamps, genome and user datas.

Public Attributes

 The genetic material for this individual.
double bornTime
 The time this individual was born.
double deathTime
 The time this individual died.
unsigned childrenCount
 The number of children this individual had.
 This user data contains all experiment-related stuff for this individual. If not NULL, it is delete when individual is killed.

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