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liban Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
An::AdditionOperatorAddition functor
An::BinaryFunctionBytecodeToken< Operation >Bytecode for unary functions, pop two values from stack and push result of function. Templatised on the functor
An::ColorA color in RGBA
An::ConstantBytecodeTokenBytecode for constant, holds a value
An::DivisionOperatorDivision functor
An::ExpDecayImplements an exponential decay using the Crank-Nicholson method
An::FastRandomA fast random generator
An::FormulaA Formula
An::Formula::BytecodeTokenAn token from the bytecode, can be a variable or an operation
An::Formula::ParseResultResult returned by Formula::parse, including error description
An::FormulaGrammarLanguage grammar using boost::spirit meta-programming features. You now enter highly magic area, prepare to forget everything you have believed in. Read it at your own risks, after all, this is in a cpp not h file
An::FormulaGrammar::definition< ScannerT >EBNF grammar, read source and boost::spirit documentation and rethink your life
An::FunctionBytecodeTokenBytecode for function call, holds a pointer to functor
An::Matrix22A 2x2 matrix
An::MultiplicationOperatorMultiplication functor
An::PushConstantFunctor that add a new constant at the end of _bytecode when called
An::PushFunctionFunctor that add a new function call at the end of _bytecode when called
An::PushOperator< TokenType >Functor that add a new operator at the end of _bytecode when called
An::PushVariableFunctor that add a new variable reading at the end of _bytecode when called
An::SegmentA segment in a 2D space, basically two points
An::StringClosureBoost::spirit housekeeping
An::SubstractionOperatorSubstraction functor
An::UnaryFunctionBytecodeToken< Operation >Bytecode for unary functions, pop value from stack and push result of function. Templatised on the functor
An::UnaryNegationOperationNegation functor
An::UniformRandFunctor to be used with <algorithm>
An::VariableBytecodeTokenBytecode for variable, holds a pointer to variable
An::VectorA vector in a 2D space

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