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Ishtar::ArrayHelper Class Reference

#include <settings.h>

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Detailed Description

Used by user program to get the root of Ishtar arrays.

Public Member Functions

 ArrayHelper (const std::string &root)
std::string getNewRoot (void)
 Get a new unique root.
unsigned getMaxIndex (void)
 Return the number the last element. It can be bigger that the maximum number of element because of fragmentation.
std::string getRoot (unsigned index)
 Return the root for a given element. This root is virtual, it may be that no variable are associated with it.
size_t getSettingsCount (void)
 Lurk in settings to get the maximum number of elements for this root.

Protected Attributes

std::string root
 the Ishtar root for this array
Variable< unsigned, true, 1 > maxIndex
 The maximum number of elements in this array. The array is not dense, so maxIndex is not the actual number of element.

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