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Ishtar::Parser Struct Reference

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Detailed Description

A parser that is able to create a table of settings from a file or a string.

Public Member Functions

 Parser (const std::string &fileName)
 Parse content of file filename.
 Parser (const std::string &config, bool isAString)
 Parse content of string config.
std::ifstream::int_type nextChar (void)
 Return next character, increment line and column position.
Token nextToken (void)
 Return the next token, return Token::END_OF_INPUT if no more token.
bool parse (ParserTable *table)
 Parse and fill table with results.

Public Attributes

std::ifstream::int_type next
 the most recently read character
std::ifstream ifs
 active stream when using file
std::istringstream iss
 active stream when using string
std::istream * is
 stream interface pointing to the correct stream
Token token
 the most recently read token
size_t line
 line of reading in the source file
size_t column
 column of reading in the source file


struct  Token
 Tokens for lexer. More...

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