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SnakeMe - The best snake game
What is it?
 S n a k e M e 

Choose which executable version of SnakeMe you wish to download:

You can also access to the online version of the manual if you want more information about SnakeMe. A copy of this manual is included with SnakeMe, however it can be interesting to read the section speaking about the installation, because the included manual can only be accessed once SnakeMe is installed. Choose your language:

And for the interested programmers, the source code of SnakeMe is at

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 S n a k e s 

Download the snakes you want, and place them into the directory where you installed SnakeMe. This will make them available in the game.

Arrow.snk - by Michael Banks
Download Arrow.snk (snk file, 8.0K Arrow.snk )
Boat.snk - by Michael Banks
Download Boat.snk (snk file, 8.0K Boat.snk )
caterpillar.snk - by SnakeMe team
Download caterpillar.snk (snk file, 8.0K caterpillar.snk )
ComputerMouse.snk - by Michael Banks
Download ComputerMouse.snk (snk file, 8.0K ComputerMouse.snk )
Cristmasthree.snk - by Thom Bakker
Download Cristmasthree.snk (snk file, 8.0K Cristmasthree.snk )
GreenRed.snk - by Michael Banks
Download GreenRed.snk (snk file, 8.0K GreenRed.snk )
Leopard.snk - by Michael Banks
Download Leopard.snk (snk file, 8.0K Leopard.snk )
mouse.snk - by SnakeMe team
Download mouse.snk (snk file, 8.0K mouse.snk )
Multicolour.snk - by Michael Banks
Download Multicolour.snk (snk file, 8.0K Multicolour.snk )
Pencil.snk - by Michael Banks
Download Pencil.snk (snk file, 8.0K Pencil.snk )
Rocket.snk - by Michael Banks
Download Rocket.snk (snk file, 8.0K Rocket.snk )
Skateboard.snk - by Michael Banks
Download Skateboard.snk (snk file, 8.0K Skateboard.snk )
sledge.snk - by SnakeMe team
Download sledge.snk (snk file, 8.0K sledge.snk )
star.snk - by SnakeMe team
Download star.snk (snk file, 8.0K star.snk )
Sword.snk - by Michael Banks
Download Sword.snk (snk file, 8.0K Sword.snk )
Tiger.snk - by Michael Banks
Download Tiger.snk (snk file, 8.0K Tiger.snk )

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 L e v e l s 

Choose the levels you want, and place them into the directory where you installed SnakeMe. This will make them available in the game.

The red walls are destructible, and the black ones are indestructible.

4chambers.sml - by Fabian Teppner
Download 4chambers.sml (sml file, 16K 4chambers.sml )
5circles.sml - by Fabian Teppner
Download 5circles.sml (sml file, 16K 5circles.sml )
9MensMorris.sml - by Fabian Teppner
Download 9MensMorris.sml (sml file, 16K 9MensMorris.sml )
arena.sml - by SnakeMe team
Download arena.sml (sml file, 16K arena.sml )
boxes.sml - by Fabian Teppner
Download boxes.sml (sml file, 16K boxes.sml )
Channel.sml - by Michael Banks
Download Channel.sml (sml file, 16K Channel.sml )
circuit.sml - by SnakeMe team
Download circuit.sml (sml file, 16K circuit.sml )
cjf-underwater.sml - by Chris Flores
Download cjf-underwater.sml (sml file, 16K cjf-underwater.sml )
connexxon.sml - by Jim Sarcoma
Download connexxon.sml (sml file, 16K connexxon.sml )
crossing.sml - by Kochheim
Download crossing.sml (sml file, 16K crossing.sml )
crossways.sml - by Fabian Teppner
Download crossways.sml (sml file, 16K crossways.sml )
difficulties.sml - by Thom Bakker
Download difficulties.sml (sml file, 16K difficulties.sml )
Divider.sml - by Michael Banks
Download Divider.sml (sml file, 16K Divider.sml )
Fish.sml - by Michael Banks
Download Fish.sml (sml file, 16K Fish.sml )
fool.sml - by Amir Hassan Moghimi
Download fool.sml (sml file, 16K fool.sml )
funny_shoot.sml - by Thom Bakker
Download funny_shoot.sml (sml file, 16K funny_shoot.sml )
game.sml - by SnakeMe team
Download game.sml (sml file, 16K game.sml )
GetOut.sml - by Michael Banks
Download GetOut.sml (sml file, 16K GetOut.sml )
guddi.sml - by Tom
Download guddi.sml (sml file, 16K guddi.sml )
harmony.sml - by Jim Sarcoma
Download harmony.sml (sml file, 16K harmony.sml )
lanes.sml - by Fabian Teppner
Download lanes.sml (sml file, 16K lanes.sml )
Marz.sml - by Michael Banks
Download Marz.sml (sml file, 16K Marz.sml )
maze1.sml - by Amir Hassan Moghimi
Download maze1.sml (sml file, 16K maze1.sml )
MineField.sml - by Michael Banks
Download MineField.sml (sml file, 16K MineField.sml )
paperclip.sml - by Jim Sarcoma
Download paperclip.sml (sml file, 16K paperclip.sml )
r2d2.sml - by Jim Sarcoma
Download r2d2.sml (sml file, 16K r2d2.sml )
soar.sml - by Jim Sarcoma
Download soar.sml (sml file, 16K soar.sml )
space-tym.sml - by Jim Sarcoma
Download space-tym.sml (sml file, 16K space-tym.sml )
square.sml - by SnakeMe team
Download square.sml (sml file, 16K square.sml )
star.sml - by Jim Sarcoma
Download star.sml (sml file, 16K star.sml )
Star.sml - by Fabian Teppner
Download Star.sml (sml file, 16K Star.sml )
Tunnelz.sml - by Michael Banks
Download Tunnelz.sml (sml file, 16K Tunnelz.sml )
UberMaze.sml - by Michael Banks
Download UberMaze.sml (sml file, 16K UberMaze.sml )
ventricle.sml - by Jim Sarcoma
Download ventricle.sml (sml file, 16K ventricle.sml )
ventricles.sml - by Jim Sarcoma
Download ventricles.sml (sml file, 16K ventricles.sml )
y-logo.sml - by SnakeMe team
Download y-logo.sml (sml file, 16K y-logo.sml )
ysagoon.sml - by SnakeMe team
Download ysagoon.sml (sml file, 16K ysagoon.sml )
z.sml - by SnakeMe team
Download z.sml (sml file, 16K z.sml )

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 L e v e l   t h e m e s 

Download the level themes you find cool, and place them into the directory where you installed SnakeMe. This will make them available in the game.

Electricity.smt - by Michael Banks
Download Electricity.smt (smt file, 1.2M Electricity.smt )
MiKe.smt - by Michael Banks
Download MiKe.smt (smt file, 952K MiKe.smt )
south_park.smt - by Thom Bakker
Download south_park.smt (smt file, 1.6M south_park.smt )
Stonehenge.smt - by Michael Banks
Download Stonehenge.smt (smt file, 1.4M Stonehenge.smt )
X-snake.smt - by SnakeMe team
Download X-snake.smt (smt file, 1.2M X-snake.smt )
zettrick.smt - by Zettrick
Download zettrick.smt (smt file, 1.2M zettrick.smt )

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Copyright 2000 - 2002
Cecile Grivaz, Stephane Magnenat, Lynda Metref, Gabriel Walt