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I am an entrepreneur, an academic researcher, a software engineer and a game designer. As the CEO of Enlightware, I lead the development of Candli, a game creation app that combines traditional art creation with visual programming in a unique way. As Deputy Scientific Director of the Game Technology Center of ETH Zürich, I lead research in the fields of video games, visual computing, and artificial intelligence. I am the creator of the Aseba software framework which is the engine of the Thymio educational mobile robot, and the lead developer of its visual programming interface. About 80 k Thymio units were produced by the Mobsya association, which I co-founded in 2010 and co-led until 2016.

You can download my academic CV and my art portfolio.

I fortuitously met people in my life who have enriched my horizon. Thanks to them, there are a music and a movie sections on this site.

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ETH Private
Game Technology Center
Department of Computer Science
Universitätstrasse 25
CH-8092 Zürich
Please email me if you have to send me anything or if you want to know my instant messenger addresses.

Twitter: @MagnenatS

+41 44 632 58 06 my GPG public key
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