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Enki::Khepera Class Reference
[Robots classes]

#include <Khepera.h>

Inheritance diagram for Enki::Khepera:

Enki::Robot Enki::PhysicalObject List of all members.

Detailed Description

A simple model of the Khepera robot.

Public Types


Public Member Functions

 Khepera (unsigned capabilities=CAPABILITIY_BASIC_SENSORS)
 Create a Khepera with certain modules aka capabilities (basic).
void step (double dt)
 Call Khepera::controlStep and do all the calculations.
void resetEncoders ()
 Reset the encoder. Should be called when robot is moved manually.

Public Attributes

IRSensor infraredSensor0
 The infrared sensor 0 (left).
IRSensor infraredSensor1
 The infrared sensor 1 (front-left).
IRSensor infraredSensor2
 The infrared sensor 2 (front).
IRSensor infraredSensor3
 The infrared sensor 3 (front).
IRSensor infraredSensor4
 The infrared sensor 4 (front-right).
IRSensor infraredSensor5
 The infrared sensor 5 (right).
IRSensor infraredSensor6
 The infrared sensor 6 (back).
IRSensor infraredSensor7
 The infrared sensor 7 (back).
CircularCam camera
 Linear camera.
double leftSpeed
 The bot's left and right wheel speed [1:100] cm/sec.
double rightSpeed
 The bot's left and right wheel speed [1:100] cm/sec.
double leftEncoder
 The encoder for left and right wheel speed.
double rightEncoder
 The encoder for left and right wheel speed.

Protected Attributes

An::Vector oldPos
 Save of last position to compute encoders.
double oldAngle
 Save of last angle to compute encoders.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum Enki::Khepera::Capabilities

Enumeration values:
CAPABILITIY_NONE  The bot's capabilities. You can simply select a predefined set of sensors. These correspond to the different extension modules that exist for the Khepera.
CAPABILITIY_BASIC_SENSORS  Basic_Sensors: Just the 8 IRSensors of the base module.
CAPABILITY_CAMERA  Camera: add a linear camera.

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