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Enki::LocalInteraction Class Reference
[Core Enki classes]

#include <Interaction.h>

Inheritance diagram for Enki::LocalInteraction:

Enki::AliceCommunication Enki::CircularCam Enki::IRSensor Enki::SbotCam Enki::SbotFeeding List of all members.

Detailed Description

Interacts with another object or wall only up to a certain distance.

Public Member Functions

virtual ~LocalInteraction ()
virtual void init ()
 Init at each step.
virtual void objectStep (double dt, PhysicalObject *po, World *w)
 Interact with object.
virtual void wallsStep (World *w)
 Interact with walls.
virtual void finalize (double dt)
 Finalize at each step.
double getRange () const
 Return the range of the interaction.

Protected Attributes

double r
 Radius of the local interaction.
 The physical object that owns the interaction.


class Robot
 Robots can access protected members me.

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