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Enki::Robot Class Reference
[Core Enki classes]

#include <PhysicalEngine.h>

Inheritance diagram for Enki::Robot:

Enki::PhysicalObject Enki::Alice Enki::Khepera Enki::Sbot Enki::SbotActiveObject Enki::FeedableSbot List of all members.

Detailed Description

A robot is a PhysicalObject that has additional interactions and a controller.

Public Member Functions

 Robot ()
void addLocalInteraction (LocalInteraction *li)
 Add a new local interaction, re-sort interaction vector from long ranged to short ranged.
void addGlobalInteraction (GlobalInteraction *gi)
 Add a global interaction, just add it at the end of the vector.
virtual void initLocalInteractions ()
 Initialize the local interactions, call init on each one, then call PhysicalObject::initLocalInteractions.
virtual void doLocalInteractions (World *w, PhysicalObject *po, double dt, bool firstInteraction)
 Do the local interactions with other objects, call objectStep on each one, then call PhysicalObject::doLocalInteractions. firstInteraction controls which object interacts with which.
virtual void doLocalWallsInteraction (World *w)
 Do the local interactions with walls, call wallsStep on each one, then call PhysicalObject::doLocalWallsInteraction.
virtual void finalizeLocalInteractions (double dt)
 All the local interactions are finished, call finalize on each one, then call PhysicalObject::finalizeLocalInteractions.
virtual void doGlobalInteractions (World *w, double dt)
 Do the global interactions, call step on each one.
void sortLocalInteractions (void)
 Sort local interactions. Called by addLocalInteraction ; can be called by subclasses in case of interaction radius change.

Protected Attributes

std::vector< LocalInteraction * > localInteractions
 Vector of local interactions.
std::vector< GlobalInteraction * > globalInteractions
 Vector of global interactions.

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