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Enki::SbotGlobalSound Class Reference
[Interaction classes]

#include <Sbot.h>

Inheritance diagram for Enki::SbotGlobalSound:

Enki::GlobalInteraction List of all members.

Detailed Description

Interaction sound between all Sbots.

The Sbots are supposed to emit sound at a sufficiently high intensity such as everyone hears it.

Public Member Functions

 SbotGlobalSound::SbotGlobalSound (Robot *me)
virtual void init ()
 Initialisation, set world frequencies to zero. Called one time for each robot, which could be optimised.
virtual void step (double dt, World *w)
 Emit our frequencies to the world.

Static Public Member Functions

static unsigned getWorldFrequenciesState (void)
 Return state of the frequencies in the world.

Public Attributes

unsigned frequenciesState
 The frequencies state of this robot, mask of al frequencies.

Static Protected Attributes

static unsigned worldFrequenciesState = 0
 The world frequencies state, mask of all frequencies.

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