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Teem::KeyboardController Class Reference
[Controllers and neural networks]

#include <Keyboard.h>

Inheritance diagram for Teem::KeyboardController:

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Detailed Description

A controller that allows the user to control the robot with the cursor keys on the keyboard.

Very useful for testing. Implement a differential wheeled robot model where the keyboard arrows set output[0] and output[1] corresponding to virtual left and right speeds

Public Member Functions

 KeyboardController (double runningSpeed, double turningSpeed)
 Constructor takes the runningSpeed (in cm/s) and turningSpeed as input (in rad/s (?)).
virtual ~KeyboardController ()
virtual void setInput (unsigned index, double val)
 Do not call. A keyboard in Teem has no inputs, only outputs.
virtual double getOutput (unsigned index)
 Get output corresponding to arrows keys.
virtual void step ()
 Do a step, process inputs and compute outputs.

Public Attributes

double runningSpeed
 forward speed
double turningSpeed
 rotation speed

Protected Attributes

double output [2]
 virtual left and right speed

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