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Teem::NeuralNetworkDrawer Class Reference

#include <NeuralNetworkDrawer.h>

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Detailed Description

Draw neural network in matrix form.

Public Member Functions

 NeuralNetworkDrawer (GAG::GraphicContext *gc, int x, int y, int w, int h, Controller *nn, double colorScale=2.0)
 Init and draw controller nn.
 NeuralNetworkDrawer (GAG::GraphicContext *gc, int x, int y, int w, int h, double colorScale=2.0)
 Init and draw nothing. Use drawCell function to draw something.
void drawCell (int cx, int cy, bool round, double color=0.0)
 draw a single cell.

Protected Member Functions

void drawFeedForwardNeuralNetwork (FeedForwardNeuralNetwork *ffnn)
 Draw the feed-forward neural network ffnn.
void drawRecurrencyFromFeedForwardNeuralNetwork (RecurrentFeedForwardNeuralNetwork *rffnn)
 Draw the recurrent feed-forward neural network rffnn.

Protected Attributes

 graphic context to draw on
int x
 position and size
int y
 position and size
int w
 position and size
int h
 position and size
double colorScale
 synapse weight to color coefficient
int cellSize
 maximum size of cell

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