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Teem::SRMSynapse Class Reference
[Neurons and synapses]

#include <SRMNeuron.h>

Inheritance diagram for Teem::SRMSynapse:

Teem::DelaySynapse Teem::Synapse Teem::SRMPlasticSynapse List of all members.

Detailed Description

This class implement an SRM synapse.

It is designed to work with SRMNeuron. The spike are _not_ forwared, but instead converted into the response generated by the SRM kernel. The equation of the kernel is:

\[\epsilon(s) = 4 \exp(-\frac{s \log(2)}{\tau}) * \exp(-\frac{2 s log(2)}{\tau})\]

The parameters handled by this class are:

Public Member Functions

virtual void setParams (const std::string &param, double value)
 Set parameters. Should be overriden by subclasses to handle more parameters.
virtual bool getSpike () const
 Return true if there is a spike on this synapse.
virtual double getCurrent () const
 Return the value of the potential of this synapse.
virtual void update (double dt=1.0)
 Update status of the synapse according to state of presynaptic neurons.
virtual void setTau (double theTau)
 Set the time-constant for the response kernel.

Protected Attributes

An::ExpDecay spikeResponse1
 First state variable for the synaptic response.
An::ExpDecay spikeResponse2
 Second state variable for the synaptic response.
double response
 Response of the synapse.

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