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Teem::SteadyStateEvolutionRun Class Reference
[Genetic Algorithms]

#include <SteadyStateEvolution.h>

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Detailed Description

The basic class for steady-state evolution.

Public Member Functions

 SteadyStateEvolutionRun ()
virtual ~SteadyStateEvolutionRun ()
virtual void createGenotypeDecoders (Setupable *experiment)
 Create the necessary genotype decoders.
virtual void createRandomPopulation ()
 Create a population of random genomes, using the genotype decoder.
virtual bool loadPopulation (Experiment *experiment)
 Load a most recent population.
virtual bool loadPopulation (Experiment *experiment, const char *timeToLoad)
 Load a population at a certain time.
virtual void run (Setupable *experiment)
 Do the evolution.
virtual void testBestIndividual (Setupable *experiment)
 Test the best Individual and test it (used to view and evaluate indivuals for analysis).
virtual void testIndividual (Setupable *experiment, const char *)
 Test a certain individual and evaluate it (used to view and evaluate individuals for analysis).
virtual void createRandomIndividual ()
 Create a new random individual.
virtual void createIndividual (SteadyStateIndividual *parent)
 Create a new individual from a single parent.
virtual void createIndividual (SteadyStateIndividual *mother, SteadyStateIndividual *father)
 Create a new individual from a single parent.
virtual void killIndividual (SteadyStateIndividual *individual)
 Kill an individual.

Public Attributes

SteadyStatePopulation population
 A population, consisting of all individuals.

Protected Types

typedef std::set< NewbornIndividuals,
 Population of newborn individual, keep track of father and mother.

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool savePopulation (Setupable *experiment)
 Save the current population to the file.
virtual bool loadPopulation (Experiment *experiment, double timeToLoad)
 Load a population from a specific generation or time.
virtual bool loadPopulationFromStream (Experiment *experiment, Ishtar::InputStream *stream)
 Get the population through Ishtar.

Protected Attributes

Ishtar::Variable< unsigned > initialPopulationSize
 The initial number of individuals present in the population.
Ishtar::Variable< double > evolutionDuration
 The duration of the evolution.
Ishtar::Variable< std::string > genotypeDecoderName
 Name of the genotype decoder to be used : will be perhaps moved at another place later.
Ishtar::Variable< double > timeSaveInterval
 Interval in s of simulated time between two saves.
NewbornPopulation toCreate
 A temporary population of individual that will be born before next step.
SteadyStatePopulation toKill
 A temporary population of individual that will be killed before next step.
double time
 The actual time.
double nextSaveTime
 The next time after which we have to save.


struct  NewbornIndividuals
 A newly born individual, keep tracks of father and mother. More...
struct  NewbornIndividualsCompareFunctor
 Function for NewbornIndividual sorting in set. More...

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