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Teem::Genome Class Reference
[Genetic Algorithms]

#include <Genome.h>

Inheritance diagram for Teem::Genome:

Teem::SimpleGrowableGenome Teem::ValueGenome Teem::BitGenome List of all members.

Detailed Description

The genome is basic class for genetic material containers.

Public Types

 Types of genomes available. More...

Public Member Functions

virtual ~Genome ()
 Virtual destructor, doing nothing.
virtual void randomize (void)=0
 Randomize genome content.
virtual void mutate (void)=0
 Mutate genome content.
virtual void cross (const Genome *other)=0
 Cross genome content over other.
virtual Genomeclone (void)=0
 Clone this genome, returns the new genome.
virtual void save (Ishtar::OutputStream *stream)=0
 Save the genome to a stream.

Static Public Member Functions

static Genomecreate (GenomeType type, size_t size, bool disableAssertion=false)
 Create a genome.
static Genomeload (Ishtar::InputStream *stream, bool disableAssertion=false)
 Load a genome from a stream.

Public Attributes

bool disableAssertion
 should we allays assert or do we handle the errors
bool error
 did an error occur while loading the genome

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum Teem::Genome::GenomeType

Types of genomes available.

Enumeration values:
BIT_GENOME  genome made of bits
SIMPLE_GROWABLE_GENOME  genome made of nodes and links with floating point values

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