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Teem Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Teem::AliceThis is the interface to an Alice
Teem::AliceBlockCreatorCan create an AliceBlock
Teem::AliceCreatorCan create an Alice
Teem::AliceLargeDiskThis is the interface to a large circular disk present in Alice worlds
Teem::AliceLargeDiskCreatorCan create an AliceDisk
Teem::AliceSmallDiskThis is the interface to a small circular disk present in Alice worlds
Teem::AliceSmallDiskCreatorCan create an AliceDisk
Teem::ArenaWorldThis is the interface to any arena world (bounded by walls)
Teem::BackPropFeedForwardNeuralNetworkFeed forward neural network with online back-propagation
Teem::BitGenomeA genome which uses bits to store values
Teem::BlimpThis is the interface to a Blimp robot
Teem::BlimpCreatorCan create a Blimp
Teem::Camera1DEquippedInterface to anything equipped with a 1D camera
Teem::ChangeVerbosityLocally change the verbosity
GAG::Color32Color is both 4 one byte components and a 4 bytes unsigned int
Teem::ConstSliceIter< T >Stroustrup approved slice iterator class for const matrix
Teem::ContinuableInterface to a class that implements a continuous evolution
Teem::ControllerInterface for a controller, which is anything that read inputs and produce outputs
Teem::CurrentInputNeuronSimple input neuron that will copy its value to its output current
Teem::DelaySynapseBase class for synapses that delay spike before using them
Teem::DifferentialWheeledThis is the interface to anything that behaves like a two wheeled robot
GAG::DrawableSurfaceA surface of pixel that can be drawn on
Teem::DummyGenotypeDecoderInterface for MinSim genotype decoder
Teem::EnkiAliceThis is the implementation of an Alice in the Enki simulator
Teem::EnkiAliceLargeDiskThis is the implementation of a small Alice disk in the Enki simulator
Teem::EnkiAliceSmallDiskThis is the implementation of a small Alice disk in the Enki simulator
Teem::EnkiKheperaThis is the implementation of a Khepera in the Enki simulator
Teem::EnkiPositionable< T >A positionable object in Enki
Teem::EnkiRealisticConditionsA container for noise conditions
Teem::EnkiRectangularBlockThis is the implementation of a piece of static matter in the Enki simulator
Teem::EnkiSbotThis is the implementation of an Sbot in the Enki simulator
Teem::EnkiSbotActiveObjectThis is the implementation of an Sbot active object in the Enki simulator
EnkiViewerA viewer that draw Enki worlds Warning: not very clean hack
Teem::EnkiWorldThis is the interface to Enki, our fast 2D world simulator
Teem::EntityThis is the interface to any physical object (disks, robots, vacuum cleaners
Teem::EvaluableInterface to a class that implements a fitness function
Teem::EvolutionAndExperimentSettingsStruct containing names of evolution and experiment
Teem::EvolutionRunInterface for all GAs, both generational and steady-state
Teem::FeedForwardNeuralNetworkClass that implement a simple multilayer feedforward neural network without using the abstract NN architecture
Teem::FeedForwardNeuralNetwork::ActivationFunctorFunctor to compute activation function on std::valarray<double> unsing std::for_each
Teem::FeedForwardNeuralNetworkGenotypeDecoderGenotype decoder for feedforward NN
Teem::FiringRateInputNeuronInput class that will generate a spike train with a probability that is equal to the input value
Teem::FiringRateOutputNeuronNeuron that convert firing rate into a current
GAG::FontFont with a given foundery, shape and color
Teem::GenerationalEvolutionRunThe basic class for generational GAs including all basic features
Teem::GenerationalIndividualA individual for generational evolution
Teem::GenomeThe genome is basic class for genetic material containers
Teem::GenotypeDecoderInterface for genotype decoder
Teem::GraphClass to build and describe a generalized graph connecting nodes with links
Teem::Graph::FilterInterface class for object that want to hook into a Graph before conversion to some controller
Teem::Graph::LinkDataData structure that describe a link
Teem::Graph::NodeDataData structure that describe a node
Teem::GraphFeedForwardGenotypeDecoderThis class implements decoding of a feedforward graph neural network
Teem::GraphFullyConnectedGenotypeDecoderThis class implementes decoding of a fully connected graph neural network
Teem::GraphGenotypeDecoderInterface for genotype decoder that create graph-based controllers
GAG::GraphicContextA DrawableSurface which is the window of the application
Teem::GraphNeuralNetworkA generic neural network with arbitrary topology and neurons/synapses types
Teem::InputNeuronInterface for input neuron
Teem::IRSensorEquippedInterface to anything with IR sensors
Teem::IshtarSettingsMapUtility class that will autmatically fill itself with settings from Ishtar
Teem::JoystickControllerA controller that allows the user to control the robot with a joystick
Teem::JustDoItInterface for experiment that have everything in their control
Teem::KeyboardControllerA controller that allows the user to control the robot with the cursor keys on the keyboard
Teem::KheperaThis is the interface to a Khepera
Teem::KheperaCreatorCan create a Khepera
Teem::LoggerAbstract class for a generic logger
Teem::Logger::LoggableAbstract class for loggable unit
Teem::Logger::LoggableIshtarVariable< T >Lagable based on an ishtar variable
Teem::Logger::LoggableVariable< T >Loggable based on pointer
Teem::MainTop level structure containing instance of most important Teem pieces
Teem::Matrix< T >Stroustrup approved matrix class
Teem::MatrixControllerSimple controller described by a matrix
Teem::MatrixGenotypeDecoderGenotype decoder for matrix controller
Teem::MultiDecoderEvolutionRunBase class for evlution runs that need many different genome and decoders for each individual
Teem::NeuralNetworkDrawerDraw neural network in matrix form
Teem::NeuronNeuron and Synapse are interfaces to a generic NN implementation
Teem::OctaveLoggerLogger that use a format that is Octave-friendly
Teem::ParameterGenotypeDecoderGenotype decoder to decode a set of parameter (no controller here)
Teem::ParameterGenotypeDecoder::ParamDescInternal structure to describe a parameter
Teem::PositionableThis is the interface to anything that can be precisely placed
Teem::RectangularBlockThis is an interface to a square piece of static matter
Teem::RectangularBlockCreatorCan create blocks
Teem::RecurrentFeedForwardNeuralNetworkFeed forward neural network with optional recurence for each layer
Teem::Registrar< T, IdT, Arg1T, Arg2T >A Registrar for classes with two parameters constructors
Teem::Registrar< T, IdT, ArgT, void >A Registrar for classes with one parameter constructors
Teem::Registrar< T, IdT, void, void >A Registrar for classes with no parameter constructors
Teem::SbotThis is the interface to an Sbot
Teem::SbotActiveObjectThis is the interface to an Sbot active object
Teem::SbotActiveObjectCreatorCan create an Sbot
Teem::SbotCreatorCan create an Sbot
Teem::SbotRealisticDepthTestS-bot realistic depth test, see through black
GAG::SDLDrawableSurfaceDrawable surface using SDL
GAG::SDLFontTrueType font using SDL
GAG::SDLGraphicContextGraphic context using SDL
Teem::SerializableAn interface for serializable data
Teem::SetupableInterface to a class that implements a genotype decoder setup
Teem::SigmoidInputNeuronSimple input neuron that filters its value through the sigmoid activation function
Teem::SigmoidNeuronSigmoidal (atan) neuron
Teem::SimpleEvolutionRunSimplest possible evolution run
Teem::SimpleGrowableGenomeA genome that represent a graph with nodes and weightened links that can grow and shrink
Teem::SimpleGrowableGenome::LinkA link
Teem::SimpleMultiGenomeEvolutionRunSimple evoluation run
Teem::SimpleSpikeInputNeuronSimple input neuron that will spike if its value is non-null
Teem::SingleDecoderEvolutionRunBase class for evolution runs that need only one genotype decoder
Teem::SliceIter< T >Stroustrup approved slice iterator class
Teem::SpikeDelayLineAn helper class to store spikes for a certain duration
GAG::SpriteA sprite is a collection of images (frames) that can be displayed one after another to make an animation
GAG::Sprite::RotatedImageStruct holding a surface and its rotated versions around hue
GAG::Sprite::SurfaceStruct holding an SDL surface
Teem::SquareArenaWorldThis is the interface to a square world
Teem::SRMNeuronThis class implement a SRM neuron
Teem::SRMPlasticSynapseThis class implements a SRM synapse with STDP learning
Teem::SRMSynapseThis class implement an SRM synapse
Teem::SteadyStateEvolutionRunThe basic class for steady-state evolution
Teem::SteadyStateEvolutionRun::NewbornIndividualsA newly born individual, keep tracks of father and mother
Teem::SteadyStateEvolutionRun::NewbornIndividualsCompareFunctorFunction for NewbornIndividual sorting in set
Teem::SteadyStateIndividualA individual for steady-state evolution
Teem::SVGPlotterA plotter that can draw trajectories in SVG
Teem::SynapseConnection between neurons
Teem::TagSetUtility class to provide a nice syntax for node/link creation
Teem::ValueGenomeA genome which stores values
Teem::VFSVery simple and lightweight virtual filesystem
VideoRecorderHelper class to record a video using libavcodec
ViewerViewer that uses libgag to draw things
VisionEnkiViewerInitial hack at a class that displays vision Warning: not very clean hack
Teem::WorldThis is the interface to the world, mother of existence, purely virtual of course
Teem::WorldCapabilityA capability of a world

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