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Teem::EnkiWorld Class Reference
[World interfaces]

#include <Enki.h>

Inheritance diagram for Teem::EnkiWorld:

Teem::RectangularBlockCreator Teem::AliceLargeDiskCreator Teem::AliceSmallDiskCreator Teem::AliceCreator Teem::KheperaCreator Teem::SbotActiveObjectCreator Teem::SbotCreator Teem::SquareArenaWorld List of all members.

Detailed Description

This is the interface to Enki, our fast 2D world simulator.

Public Member Functions

 EnkiWorld (bool createEnkiViewer=true)
virtual ~EnkiWorld ()
 Destructor: Delete viewer, video, automatically created entities and world.
template<class ViewerT>
void createViewer ()
 Create the viewer.
template<class ViewerT, class T1>
void createViewer (T1 p1)
 Create the viewer.
virtual SbotcreateSbot ()
 Create an sbot.
virtual SbotActiveObjectcreateSbotActiveObject ()
 Create an active object (sbot).
virtual KheperacreateKhepera ()
 Create a Khepera.
virtual AlicecreateAlice ()
 Create an Alice.
virtual AliceLargeDiskcreateAliceLargeDisk ()
 Create an Alice small disk.
virtual AliceSmallDiskcreateAliceSmallDisk ()
 Create an Alice large disk.
virtual RectangularBlockcreateRectangularBlock ()
 Create a rectangular block.
virtual void step (double dt)
 Run the world for dt milliseconds.
virtual An::Point getDimension ()
 Return the size of this square world.
virtual void setWallTextures (const std::valarray< An::Texture > &textures)
 Set the wall textures of this world.
virtual void useWalls (bool use)
 Enable/disable the use of walls. A square arena has walls by default.
Enki::World * getEnkiInstance ()
 Return the instance of the world in Enki.

Protected Attributes

Enki::World * world
 Instance of Enki world.
 Instance of Enki viewer.
Ishtar::VariablesPublisher ishtarPublisher
 Ishtar publisher for accessible variables of the EnkiWorld.
Ishtar::Variable< unsigned,
true, 2 > 
 Dimensions of Enki world.
Ishtar::Variable< unsigned > useVideo
 True if we record videos.
Ishtar::ArrayHelper objectsArrayHelper
 A helper to get the root for PhysicalObject in objects.
Ishtar::Variable< bool > realisticMode
 If true, postprocessing is applied to inputs/outputs so that simulation matches reality more closely.
std::vector< Entity * > autoCreatedEntities
 Entities that have been automatically created in constructor from an Ishtar. settings file.
EnkiRealisticConditions realisticConditions
 Instance of EnkiRealisticConditions.


class EnkiKhepera
class EnkiAlice
class EnkiAliceSmallDisk
class EnkiAliceLargeDisk
class EnkiSbot
class EnkiSbotActiveObject
class EnkiRectangularBlock

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