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Teem::FeedForwardNeuralNetworkGenotypeDecoder Class Reference
[Genotype decoders]

#include <FeedForwardNeuralNetwork.h>

Inheritance diagram for Teem::FeedForwardNeuralNetworkGenotypeDecoder:

Teem::GenotypeDecoder List of all members.

Detailed Description

Genotype decoder for feedforward NN.

Can be used with either the simple one or the back-propagation version. In the later case, the initial weight are encoded but subject to modification by back-prop.

Public Member Functions

 FeedForwardNeuralNetworkGenotypeDecoder (const std::string &root)
virtual ~FeedForwardNeuralNetworkGenotypeDecoder ()
virtual GenomecreateGenome ()
 Create a random genome that is compatible with this decoder.
virtual Controllerdecode (Genome *genome)
 Decode a genome to a controller.

Protected Attributes

Ishtar::Variable< unsigned > hiddenLayerCount
 number of hidden layer
std::vector< size_t > hiddenLayerSizes
 size of hidden layers
Ishtar::Variable< bool > useBackProp
 use simple FF or backprop?
Ishtar::Variable< bool > useRecursion
 use simple FF or recursive FF?
Ishtar::Variable< double > weightRange
 weight range to use for decoding
std::vector< bool > layerRecursive
 is the layer recursive?

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