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Teem::Logger Class Reference

#include <Logger.h>

Inheritance diagram for Teem::Logger:

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Detailed Description

Abstract class for a generic logger.

Public Member Functions

 Logger (const char *fileName)
virtual ~Logger ()
template<typename T>
void addVariable (const std::string &label, const T &ref)
 Add a reference to the logger.
template<typename T>
void addIshtarVariable (const std::string &label, const char *id)
 Add an Ishtar variable to the logger.
template<typename ForwardIterator>
void addVariables (const std::string &label, ForwardIterator from, ForwardIterator to)
 Add a collection of variables using iterators.
void step ()
 Add a new snapshot to the log file.

Protected Types

typedef std::map< std::string,
std::vector< Loggable * > > 
 Map for all logable units.

Protected Member Functions

void add (const std::string &label, Loggable *loggable)
 Add a new loggable in the log under a certain label.
virtual void initLog (std::ostream &log)=0
 Init the log file (e.g. write information in the begining of the log file).
virtual void dumpSnapshot (std::ostream &log)=0
 Dump a snapshot (e.g. write the content of all variables to the log file).

Protected Attributes

std::ofstream logFile
 file to log to
bool inited
 true if log is initialised. Used for delayed initialisation
LoggableMap loggables
 all logables units


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const Logger::Loggable &loggable)
 Operator << for ostreams and Loggables.


class  Loggable
 Abstract class for loggable unit. More...
class  LoggableIshtarVariable
 Lagable based on an ishtar variable. More...
class  LoggableVariable
 Loggable based on pointer. More...

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