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Stéphane Magnenat

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I am a senior researcher in mobile robotics at ETH Zürich with a background in computer science. I admire the complexity of the universe and enjoy the knowledge that we have acquired and structured as a species. Therefore, my long-term research goal is to endow machines with the ability to gain and employ such a comprehension to improve their intelligence.

On the shorter term, my research concentrates on making robots usable by non-specialists. I approach this question from two directions, first by allowing beginners – even young children – to program robots graphically, and second by devising models to teach behaviours to robots. Through this process, I think that we can better understand various aspects of cognition that elude our understanding. Because I am convinced that such a large-scale endeavour requires collaboration, I publish as much research material as possible as open-source software.

I fortuitously met people in my life who have enriched my horizon. Thanks to them, there are a music and a movie sections on this site.

Where to join me

Work Private
Autonomous System Lab
ETH Zentrum CLA E24
Tannenstrasse 3
8092 Zürich
Please email me if you have to send me anything or if you want to know my instant messager addresses.
+41 44 632 89 05 my GPG public key
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