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Enki::AliceCam Class Reference
[Interaction classes]

#include <AliceCam.h>

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Detailed Description

Linear camera for the Alice.

The AliceCam is implemented as 2 rays and only returns two 1 bit values. They are only used to distinguish the wallcolours - the nest is white, the other walls are black. For now, noise is not implemented in the AliceCam.

Public Member Functions

 AliceCam (Robot *me)
 ~AliceCam ()
void step (double dt, World *w)
 The AliceCam object step.
double getCValueStarboard ()
 Get value of the right camera ray.
double getCValuePort ()
 Get value of the left camera ray.

Public Attributes

bool cvaluestarboard
 The right camera ray.
bool cvalueport
 The left camera ray.

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