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GAG::SDLGraphicContext Class Reference
[Libgag graphic library]

#include <SDLGraphicContext.h>

Inheritance diagram for GAG::SDLGraphicContext:

GAG::SDLDrawableSurface GAG::GraphicContext GAG::DrawableSurface GAG::DrawableSurface List of all members.

Detailed Description

Graphic context using SDL.

Public Member Functions

virtual bool setRes (int w, int h, int depth=32, Uint32 flags=DEFAULT)
 Create the window. This must be called before any Drawable Surface method.
virtual void setCaption (const char *title, const char *icon)
 Set the title and status bar caption of the window.
virtual void loadImage (const char *name)
 Load image name on the surface.
virtual FontloadFont (const char *filename, unsigned size)
 Load font of size from filename.
virtual DrawableSurfacecreateDrawableSurface (const char *name=NULL)
 Create a new off-screen drawable surface. Load image name on it.
virtual void nextFrame (void)
 Blit to screen.
virtual void updateRects (SDL_Rect *rects, int size)
 Blit to screen rectangles rects, which is an array of length size.
virtual void updateRect (int x, int y, int w, int h)
 Blit to screen rectangle from (x,y) to (x+w,y+h).
virtual void printScreen (const char *filename)
 Print screen to filename.

Protected Member Functions

 SDLGraphicContext (void)
 Private constructor, created by GraphicContext.


class GraphicContext

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