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GAG Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

Libgag graphic library from Globulation 2 project ( Stripped version for Teem.


class  DrawableSurface
 A surface of pixel that can be drawn on. More...
class  GraphicContext
 A DrawableSurface which is the window of the application. More...
class  Font
 Font with a given foundery, shape and color. More...
union  Color32
 Color is both 4 one byte components and a 4 bytes unsigned int. More...
class  Sprite
 A sprite is a collection of images (frames) that can be displayed one after another to make an animation. More...
class  SDLFont
 TrueType font using SDL. More...
class  SDLDrawableSurface
 Drawable surface using SDL. More...
class  SDLGraphicContext
 Graphic context using SDL. More...


void sdcRects (SDL_Rect *source, SDL_Rect *destination, const SDL_Rect &clipping)
float fmin (float f1, float f2, float f3)
 Return the min of f1,f2 and f3.
float fmax (float f1, float f2, float f3)
 Return the max of f1,f2 and f3.
void RGBtoHSV (float r, float g, float b, float *h, float *s, float *v)
 Transform (r,g,b) in RGB to (h,s,v) in HSV (Hue,Saturation,Value).
void HSVtoRGB (float *r, float *g, float *b, float h, float s, float v)
 Transform (h,s,v) in HSV (Hue,Saturation,Value) to (r,g,b) in RGB.


SDLGraphicContextscreen = NULL
 Global pointer to screen.

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