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Spkabupdfg ✦ 2018 ✦ Python / Javascript

Sir Prise Kawaii Adventure to Be the Ultimate Player of the Delicious Fruitball Game (source) is our entry to the Epic Game Jam 2018. The game design was made together with my colleagues at ETH GTC, who also implemented the client and artworks, while I designed the network protocol and implemented the server.


Globulation 2 ✦ 2001–2010 ✦ c++

Globulation 2 is an innovative high quality real-time strategy game that minimizes micro-management by automatically assigning tasks to units. Initially, Luc-Olivier de Charrière and I designed and wrote most of Globulation 2, while later various people contributed.


SnakeMe ✦ 2000 ✦ c++

SnakeMe is a snake game that players can custom-tailor. It uses SDL and is available on all major platforms. The estimated download count is more than 300k. I wrote it while Cécile Grivaz, Gabriel Walt and Lynda Metref did the artwork and the web site.


Globulation ✦ 1998–1999 ✦ Mac Pascal

Globulation has a gameplay between real-time strategy and simulation, in which ant-like units explore, forage, build or fight. Players control parameters that probabilistically influence the actions of the units but do not control them directly. Luc-Olivier de Charrière and I wrote Globulation 20 years ago.

The software on this page, excepted Globulation 1, are released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) license.

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