Miscellaneous Free Software

Dashel ✦ 2008–present ✦ c++

Dashel is a cross-platform data stream helper encapsulation library. It provides a unified access to TCP/IP, serial port, and files streams. I developed Dashel in collaboration with Sebastian Gerlach and Antoine Beyeler, it is available under a BSD-new license.

Qanac ✦ 2006 ✦ c++ and Qt4

Qanac is a quick analytic accounting software. It is very simple, easy to use, and designed for home budget. It allows for precise control of expenses and stores data as XML.

Cologram ✦ 2001–2002 ✦ c++

Cologram is a simple toy program to explore the cologram theory in real time. It is just a fun hack.

TraX ✦ 2001 ✦ c++

Trax is a simple differential-wheeled–robot simulator that teaches this locomotion principle (installer for Windows). I developed Trax in collaboration with Didel.

Fix Your Singer ✦ 2008–2009 ✦ c++ and Qt4

Fix Your Singer is an experimental graphical user interface over Praat to fix the pitch of a singer.

The software on this page, unless stated otherwise, are released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) license.

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