Embedded Free Software

Molole ✦ 2007–2010 ✦ C on dsPIC

Molole is a collection of low-level functions and drivers for the dspic processor family (pic30 in gcc) aimed at robotics. I designed Molole as part of my work at Mobots and other group members, in particular Philippe Rétornaz, have been developing it since.

Ishtar ✦ 2004–2012 ✦ c++

Ishtar is a library for remote data access, including telemetry and config management through exported variables. I wrote an initial version in 2004 and Antoine Beyeler, Alexandre Habersaat, and I have upgraded it to a lightweight version suitable for embedded use.

Jelie ✦ 2003 ✦ c++

Jelie is a JTAG port driving software for Intel XScale CPU family. Through the JTAG connection, Jelie is able to upload a debug handler, initialize the memory, upload, and debug programs. Julien Pilet and I wrote Jelie as part of our Master project.

NanoC ✦ 2001 ✦ c++

NanoC is a compiler for a subset of C for the PIC16 microcontrollers. NanoC takes an input in NanoC and produces CALM assembly source as output. I wrote NanoC for the compilation course at EPFL and designed it in collaboration with Didel.

PICsim ✦ 2002 ✦ c++

PICsim is a PIC16 emulator and debugger. I developed PICsim in collaboration with Didel.

The software on this page are released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) license. Unless stated otherwise, they are cross-platform.

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