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Enki Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Enki::AliceA simple model of the Alice robot
Enki::Alice::SensorModelsContainer for sensor models for Alice
Enki::AliceBoundingSurfaceThe bounding surface of an Alice
Enki::AliceCamLinear camera for the Alice
Enki::AliceCommunicationCommunication module for the Alice
Enki::AliceIRHighSensorModelCalculate the signal strength as a function of the distance
Enki::AliceIRNormalSensorModelCalculate the signal strength as a function of the distance
Enki::CircularCam1D Circular camera
Enki::DepthTestStandard depth test
Enki::FeedableSbotAn "improved" Sbot that can interact with SbotActiveObject
Enki::GlobalInteractionInteracts with the whole world
Enki::InteractionRadiusCompareA functor then compares the radius of two local interactions
Enki::IRSensorA generic infrared sensor
Enki::KheperaA simple model of the Khepera robot
Enki::KheperaIRSensorModelCalculate the signal strength as a function of the distance
Enki::LocalInteractionInteracts with another object or wall only up to a certain distance
Enki::PhysicalObjectA situated object in the world with mass, geometry properties, physical properties, ..
Enki::PixelOperationFunctorFunctor for pixel operation
Enki::RobotA robot is a PhysicalObject that has additional interactions and a controller
Enki::SbotA very simplified model of the Sbot mobile robot
Enki::SbotActiveObjectSbotActiveObject give or remove energy to nearby Sbots through an SbotFeeding interaction
Enki::SbotCam1D 360 circular camera for the Sbot, based on 2 180 CircularCam
Enki::SbotFeedingFeeding interaction gives or remove energy to nearby Sbots
Enki::SbotGlobalSoundInteraction sound between all Sbots
Enki::SensorResponseFunctorFunctor for the sensor response
Enki::WorldThe world is the container of all objects and robots
Enki::ZeroSensorModelResponse function which returns zero all the time

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